Murano glass vases by Venini for Versace

Murano glass is about to get even more famous and fashionable as it gets a boost from the legendary Versace brand. In an attempt to add a twist to their Versace Casa collection of home furnishings and decor and revive Gianni Versace’s heritage, the famous design house teamed up with the best-in-class Murano glassmaking firm [...]

Visiting Murano Glass Furnaces

We often get questions about the possibility of visiting a factory or a workshop in Murano and witnessing the creation of famous Murano Glass. Unfortunately the artisans we work with and many other high quality Murano glass artists do not open the doors of their workshops to tourists. Yet you can find a way to visit a tourist-friendly mass-market Murano glass [...]

I returned from Venice and realized I should have bought more Murano glass there. What can I do now?

Often people that return from Venice realize that should have bought Murano glass there. Is it too late at that point? It is certainly not, since authentic Murano glass imported from Venice is available on the internet and, upon careful research, can be bought at the same prices that one would find in [...]

I had a favorite Murano glass item and it broke. Can it be fixed?

Murano glass is hand-crafted by masters working the heated-up liquefied glass mass using special centuries-old techniques, and then cooling it down till it solidifies to form a specific pattern within a certain shape. For this reason, when an article made of Murano glass breaks, it is not possible to fix it except for gluing it together. Gluing may work if the item has a smooth break line and broke into only two or three pieces as opposed to many small ones. [...]

New Murano glass jewelry on

We have just received from Venice new exquisite Murano glass earrings and necklaces that you can now purchase in our February 3rd, 2010 | Tags: , , | Category: Murano Glass Shopping | 5 comments

Murano glass shoes

In our long careers in Murano glass and many trips to Venice we have seen lots of Murano glass items from smaller rings and pendants all the way to large sculptures, chandeliers, mirrors, bathroom sinks, and even Christmas tree. But one thing we have never seen or even imagined in Murano glass is shoes.

Amazingly [...]